Quickly cleans the outside of boxes to ensure a clean transport through the factory



  • reduces contamination risk
  • saves water and soap
  • no manual cleaning


  • uses compressed air
  • 50 cleaning nozzles
  • in- and outside cleaning
  • case to reduce noise

The BoxDuster quickly rinses the outside of ingredient boxes, using compressed air. Ingredient boxes are kept clean, so they can be transported and stored in the factory without contaminating the workspace. With the BoxDuster, this does not have to be done manually. This compressed air technique is fast and does not rely on water, soap and drying, saving thousands of cubic meters of water per year. Instead, it uses 50 cleaning nozzles and dust extraction to get rid of all ingredient leftovers on boxes. The BoxDuster is surrounded with an insulated casing & opening and closing doors to reduce noise.

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