AMABOX in De Molenaar

Dutch trade journal De Molenaar has written an article on the AMABOX System. We are even on the cover!

From De Molenaar:

“Coppens Diervoeding is the first Dutch feed producer that installed the Amabox System. The system replaces manual dosing. The addition of small components is fully automated. “At first, we had to get used to it, but we don’t want to go back to the way it was”, says company manager Bob Pritchard of Coppens Diervoeding in a reporting from De Molenaar.

The article comes out 4 june in De Molenaar nr. 8. Subscribers can read the article online on 3 june (after logging in). They can also see an introduction to the system in a short video on the website of De Molenaar ( In the video, the Amabox System at Coppens Diervoeding is portrayed.”

View the full article in De Molenaar (Dutch)

Go here to view the journal, edition 8, 2021: De Molenaar

Coppens Diervoeding has also written about us: The first AMABOX up and running!