The first AMABOX up and running!

The Coppens Diervoeding plant in Helmond is the first factory in the world working with the AMABOX System.

From Coppens Diervoeding:

Our feed factory is the first in the world to work with the AMABOX Microdosing System. The system consists of a large computer-controlled rack cabinet with 500 identical plastic boxes. 50 kg of product can be stored in each box. The thousands of (manual) additions per week of premixes, additives and minerals, are a thing of the past, because the AMABOX System automatically weighs and doses the products up to two grams during the production process of our feeds.

First AMABOX System at Coppens Diervoeding in the Netherlands

Integrating this technology into our factory was a huge challenge. But the result is impressive. We now work much more efficiently and the physical activities for our production employees have been greatly reduced. We really don’t want to work without this system.

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