Our new home for innovation

AMABOX just moved to a bigger location! Our new home for innovation houses the office and testing/ assembling facilities, bringing all AMABOX operations together in one location.

We just moved our office and testing/assembling facilities to a bigger place! All AMABOX operations are now located on Mastbos 16 in Bladel, making it our new home for innovation. This is a brand new premises, that can facilitate the growth we want to realize in the upcoming years.

The new testing & assembly facility gives us space to bring all the new concepts to life. The AmaStore, a new box storing solution that will house 3000 boxes, is already being built. Our modern new office consists of two floors. With whiteboards, displays and good coffee, it is perfectly equipped to innovate and help eliminate 100% of manual ingredient handling in the powder and pellet industry.

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