The AmaStore can store up to thousands of boxes, having your ingredients always in store and readily available.

AmaStore (top) | AmaStore front (left) | AmaStore & full system (right)


  • storing all ingredients
  • no more bags & big bags
  • always the right ingredient


  • 500 to >3000 ingredient boxes
  • RFID tagged boxes
  • box movement at 4 m/s

The AmaStore can store all ingredients that are required in your production process in ingredient boxes. From 500 up to more than 3000 boxes can be stored in the AmaStore. This theoretically means you can store just as many different ingredients. Or less ingredients in larger quantities. The boxes are RFID tagged, so mistakes in ingredient retrieval is ruled out. The mast that collects boxes moves at a maximum speed of 4 meters/second, to make box collection fast and smooth.

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