Manual dosing, automated weighing: errors are ruled out.



  • back-up dosing option
  • hard-to-dose ingredients
  • automatic weighing
  • always the right box with RFID


  • two simultaneous filling spots
  • accuracy up to 1 gram
  • dust extraction

The ManDoser is our solution to dose ingredients by hand. (1) The ingredient box is brought to the operator, (2) errors are ruled out, and (3) it is ergonomically just and fully track- and traceable.

The ManDoser can be used for normal ingredients but also for hard-to-dose ingredients (1-2% of ingredients at pet food manufacturing as a reference), like sticky fruits. Manual dosing does not mean accuracy loss and increased chance of errors: continuous weighing ensures that the right amount is dosed. Because all ingredient boxes have their own RFID tag and serial number, mistakes are ruled out. The ManDoser has two filling spots next to each other. An elaborate dust extraction & fume hood protects operators from dust and makes for low contamination.

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