The BoxDoser is our automated solution to weigh ingredients directly from boxes.

BoxDoser (top) | BoxDoser opened (left) | BoxDoser and SpeedBuffer (right)


  • no more manual dosing
  • reliable & precise
  • low contamination risk


  • 60-90 dosings per hour
  • accuracy up to 1 gram
  • dust extraction

The BoxDoser is our 100% automated solution to dose and weigh ingredients from boxes. No manual intervention is required. The dosings are executed at a high speed, achieving 60-90 dosings per hour. This speed does not harm the accuracy, but the opposite. Ingredients are weighed accurately up to 1 gram. Each ingredient is dosed right from its own box. This, together with an elaborate dust extraction system, prevents contamination. In short: The BoxDoser is THE key to eliminate manual dosing and weighing in your factory.

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